Calle Isabel La Catolica #356, Zona Colonial, Santo Domingo, RD

A lucky escape…

Its been a week now since Hurricane Maria stormed through the Caribbean just 2 weeks after Irma passed through causing untold destruction. About a week before it looked as it was going to hit the Dominican Republic head on but luckily for our island it started to turn North – not for others however.

The Dominican Republic got off very lightly compared to others – on the North Coast there were some houses and businesses lost but on the whole it could have been a totally different story.

We were prepared for the worst, we spent the few days before stocking up on all of the essentials, drinking water, food and propane to run our generator (the power is always the first thing to go). Everything on the roof was either put away or strapped down.

There was an earie feel on the day when it was meant to hit, just waiting for something to happen. The hostel was pretty full as a lot of people headed to the south of the island to be further from the storm.

Our friends Xio and Ben came down from the Samana Eco Lodge in Limon, Samana (It is an awesome place to check out by the way). As they were in the warning zone it was safer to come down and wait until Irma had passed – they also brought their two awesome dogs (Bobby and Louis) down, our two boys loved it.

So we all waited not knowing what to expect…

No wind, a tiny bit of rain and that was it. We were thanking our lucky stars as its not until you see the damage on the other islands that you realize how destructive these things are.

So we just wanted to let everyone know that all is well in Dominican Republic and we hope for a speedy recovery for all the areas and Islands effected by Irma and Maria. All services are back to normal over most of the island and the weather has been great!