Calle Isabel La Catolica #356, Zona Colonial, Santo Domingo, RD

Covid-19 Protocols

A message from the Island Life Hostel family

A message to our Island Life family:

At Island Life Hostel we take the health and safety of our guests and staff seriously. We want to ensure that our staff and visitors are provided with a safe environment in terms of comfort and hygiene. The Island Life family are here to make sure you receive the best experience and service possible. We know these are difficult times and we hope this will give the reassurance you need to come and stay with us in the Colonial Zone, Santo Domingo.In line with the government of Dominican republics guidelines for hotels we have updated and created new procedures and protocols for our guests and staff in regards to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Check In/Out

Although our checkout (11am) and check in (1pm) will remain the same we ask new guests to arrive after 1pm and inform us of your intended arrival time before you arrive.

We encourage guests to contact us before hand to arrange payment to speed up the check in.

Upon check in you will be required to fill in a health questionnaire and have your temperature recorded via contactless thermometer.

We have a sanitizing station as you enter – disinfecting spray for luggage and bottom of shoes and hand sanitizer that will be required to used upon arrival. There are also disposable gloves and disinfecting wipes. Face masks and personal sanitizer bottles are available to purchase at an additional cost.

We are a small hostel so usually there is never a queue to check in. In this unusual circumstance we ask you to wait until the other guests have finished checking in.

We have a list of information regarding procedures in our hostel on the information board as you enter. Upon check in we ask our guest to familiarize themselves with these such a pool usage sign up and communal kitchen sign up times.

If you feel unwell at arrival please inform our reception immediately – on our information board is the name of the nearest clinic and doctors.

Hostel Occupancy

We will be running at 33% of our occupancy until further notice.


Our free breakfast will continue from 7:30am to 9:30am. We ask all our guests to please stagger times when coming to breakfast. Our tables are set at safe distances.

Shared Kitchen

Our shared kitchen has now limited access times. Please request a time slot at reception. Guests will still have access to the fridge 24 hours a day.

Social distancing

We ask everyone to respect social distancing and to adhere to the 2 meter rule. Our dorm rooms are at a third of capacity so there is more than 2 meters between each guest. We request only 2 guests use our living room at the same time.
Running at a reduced occupancy means on average every guest has over 44 m2 per guest!

Cleanliness and hygiene

Face masks in common areas are encouraged and required by law when outside the hostel. We recommend that all guests frequently wash their hands with soap for more than 20 seconds throughout the day. When entering the hostel it is mandatory that you sanitize your hands at reception.Our cleaners clean and sanitize common areas several times each day.

If you would need any more information please do not hesitate us to contact at info@islandlifehostel.comWish everyone good health from the Island Life family.As this is a serious situation we find ourselves in management has the right to request any guest to vacate his/her room or other areas of the hotel forthwith without previous notice and with no refund, nor compensation in case of breach of property rules and policies.